Our Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. It is clearly the challenge of our times, especially in the backdrop of COVID19, which is arguably one of the toughest challenges that humanity has ever dealt with. As we turn our focus to building a sustainable world together that is ready for the future, we all need to be ready to make a different set of choices.

We at Tapasya Spices recognise this new normal and are acutely aware of our responsibilities, especially in building an ethically driven supply-chain. Spices and herbs are delivered through one of the most globalised, complex supply chains, and we are in a unique position to influence it in a positive way along the value chain, from ethical sourcing and manufacturing to packaging and delivery.

Another area which will undergo significant change is in cognitive behaviours and mind set related to food purchasing and cooking. Here too we are driving change by bringing new choices of easy to use spices, spice-mix, and herbs to our kitchens.

Using these principles as our moral compass, below are some of the tangible steps we are taking as we grow the business:

Complying with local and national legislation, including environmental and labour regulations, and committing to internationally accepted codes of conduct for fair and free trade.

Performing an adequate due diligence of their suppliers to conform to our supplier code of conduct and assuring that purchased spices and herbs have been traded and processed in compliance with laws and regulations of the country of origin as well as the country exported too.

Ensuring the wellbeing of the workers in the supply chain and helping them to improve their livelihoods.

Developing a collective strategy and taking a leading role towards the sustainable spice production, processing and global trade.

Tapasya Spices believe that in today’s environment sustainability needs to be part of the long-term strategy. We recognize that in a connected global society, businesses can only be successful if it is inclusive and responsible. Tapasya Spices is fully committed to be a leader to build a better future for our consumers, partners, investors and shareholders.