Our team

Our senior management team is young, dynamic and combines people who bring vast experience of the highest levels of the food industry and business management.

Between them they are leaders in sourcing and selling the finest Asian food, and in leading robust and reliable businesses.


Soumen Hajra

Finance Director

Also a founding Director and an award winning consultant and strategist based in the UK with experience of advising corporates as well as start-up businesses.

Having operated with great success in the United States, the UK and continental Europe, Soumen is a recognised expert in refining, scaling and optimising business models.


KK Anand

R&D Chef

A renowned chef whose passion for flavour started early. Growing up in India he learned to cook with locally grown, organic ingredients.

His illustrious career started at the five-star hotel Sofitel in Delhi before he progressed to similarly luxurious establishments in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA and – for the last 15 years – some of the finest Indian restaurants in London including Cinnamon Club, Mint Leaf and Hoppers.

KK was a founding member of the team which opened the award-winning Tapasya restaurant with Mukesh in 2013.


Charu Gupta

Quality Control Director

Has turned her hobby of food and cuisine into a passion and a profession.

A postgraduate and experienced entrepreneur, she has used her network of contacts around the world to research the demand for the highest quality food ingredients and her unrivalled knowledge of Indian producers and suppliers to source what the market wants.