Our network

From plant to plate the commitment of Tapasya Spices is to source and serve the finest quality ingredients, perfect for the palates of diners all over the UK whether they are cooking at home, enjoying the tantalising taste of their favourite take-away or jumping on the growing trend of Indian fine dining.

We have left nothing to chance by setting up our own exclusive buying and sourcing offices in India, the “Land of Spices” and the largest producer and consumer of spices in the world.

The strength and quality of our network in India and further afield enables us to gain a competitive advantage by purchasing at a fair market cost. We place great emphasis on achieving compliance by ensuring sustainability, traceability, availability and security of supply.

We recognise that the best spices are seasonal products and we pay the closest attention to identifying the right time to order and the right time to receive deliveries so we can meet the demands of the market when it comes to freshness, flavour and price.

We have set up strategic delivery fulfilment networks with 24/7 service and facilities to reach all areas of the UK.

Our customers are major distributors of ethnic spices nationwide and established catering businesses. Their customers are the small retailers and the larger independents who have a growing presence in many major towns and cities, the traditional Asian restaurants and the more modern, high-end establishments which offer style and splendour but which prize authenticity above everything.