The Culinary Heritage of India

Brings to mind seductive aromas, mysterious flavours and a kaleidoscope of colours and Tapasya Spices are taking those traditions a step further at a time when the demand for diversity in dining has never been higher.


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Indian spices are fascinating condiments known for their aroma, texture and delectable taste.

We offer more than 50 premium quality products from the plethora of Indian spices which include whole, mixed and ground ingredients, each releasing spice-enriched flavours which are integral to the multicuisine culture of India and can magically transform a simple culinary preparation into something more – an extra tasty delicacy.

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Tapasya Spice & Kitchen

Welcome to Tapasya Spices & Kitchen, a new concept in celebrating and serving Indian food.

Our commitment is to create authentic Indian cuisine from plant to plate, sourcing the essential ingredients from our networks in India, packaging them to seal in the superb aromas and flavours and importing them to enhance the dishes which we know are perfect for the palates of diners all over the UK.

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12 April 2021

Tapasya Spices partnership helps Dee Bee kickstart food service

A new spice importing business has joined forces with a long-established food wholesaler in a distribution partnership which is gearing up to support the hospitality
20 January 2021
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Bring the heat with new spice business

The restaurateur behind one of the only Indian restaurants in Yorkshire last year to...
19 January 2021

New venture to cater for top chefs and ambitious amateurs

A new business is aiming to turn up the heat in the spice market and meet the rising demand...

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