About us

The culinary heritage of India brings to mind seductive aromas, mysterious flavours and a kaleidoscope of colours and Tapasya Spices are taking those traditions a step further at a time when the demand for diversity in dining has never been higher.

Whether eating at home or in fine restaurants, people are edging into experimentation, seeking the sophistication which comes with new ideas and ingredients, but they are being held back by a lack of variety on the store shelves.

Inspired by the need to tackle such culinary complacency we have activated our network of experts in India to offer something completely different – sourcing the right spices from the right territories at the right time to ensure freshness, flavour and the best deals.

We recognise that authenticity is essential, with people placing less trust in the old brands, and we have drawn on our immense experience of the world of food and our commitment to premium quality to guide diners on new journeys of discovery.

The result is the ultimate sustainable and ethical sourcing strategy for our Tapasya Spices product range, shaped by our vast knowledge of the UK restaurants and catering sector and influenced by experts who include some of the top chefs in the world.

We see spices as luxuries, essential ingredients which decorate our lives and inspire new, exciting levels of cuisine yet affordable enough to bring people together and create memorable occasions of sharing, happiness, comfort, chatter and laughter.

To find out more please contact us and we’ll welcome you to Tapasya Spices.