Our opportunity

The rationale behind the launch of Tapasya Spices is based on the recognition that the rising demand in the UK for traditional Asian food has led to a drop in quality, flavour, creativity and authenticity.

The founders of Tapasya Spices want to bring back the WOW! factor, injecting freshness into a market which has become stale and offering products which stand out from the competition.

An impact analysis of the drivers in the spices and seasonings market shows rising demand for ethnic cuisines, rising but still only medium, along with similar to the popularity of convenience foods. Awareness of the medical and healing benefits of spices is also increasing, and from a very low level which leaves great scope for growth.

Multicultural Britain is embracing more gastronomic styles and experimenting with them. Use of Indian spices is no longer just confined to cooking Indian food but also to fusion, culinary clashes which can produce spectacular results.

Food has really taken off on TV and in magazines but the supermarkets and other stores are not keeping pace.

We are targeting that gap in the market by launching a range of Indian spices of impeccable quality which we will use to inspire a new way of thinking about our cuisine – products which promote the health and wellbeing agenda, which display the versatility to match the creative explosion in plant-based cookery and which cater for the necessities around dietary requirements.

From meeting the demand for spices we see opportunities to diversify, applying our expertise and our new knowledge into value added products

and enabling our partners to share in the success which stems from that.

We will drive our ideas with innovative products launches designed to tantalise the taste buds and giving new culinary experiences.